Real surprises are quite rare in the padel global. Indeed, if we often see favorites go by the wayside a little earlier than expected, we are almost never entitled to defeats from the stars of the padel world in the first round. As we saw during our mid-season review, it's almost always the same pairs who find themselves in play the leading roles.

The two favorite pairs in the hard for men

But in this Greenweez Paris Major, we notice that the favorites are shaken up. The biggest surprise is of course this elimination in two sets of Stupa and Di Nenno against Leal/Diestro, but the Superpibes are not the only ones to have suffered at Roland-Garros in recent days.

The most prolific pair of this start to the season for men, Coello / Tapia, did not go far from the correctional against Ramirez / Garcia. Final score 5/7 6/3 7/5 for those who want to get back on track after the Finnish disillusionment.

For women, it's hot too!

Araujo and Salazar also suffered to reach the eighth. The new pair had to fight hard to get by against the young Alonso and Ustero. The Spanish-Portuguese duo achieves the remontada of the day: 5/7 7/6 7/5.

The Alayeto twins, seeded 5, did not manage to get out of the Nogueira/Caldera trap and lost the biggest match of the beginning of the week (3h46 of play!) against Caldera/Nogueira, in what is the biggest sensation of the tournament currently among the ladies. We also think of Javi Ruiz and Juan Cruz Belluati, pair number 15, who suffered a heavy defeat against Muñoz/Bautista: 6/3 6/3.

As you see, this Roland-Garros of padel has already had some nice surprises in store for us. Will we have more in the coming days? Let's see what this Thursday has in store for us at Porte d'Auteuil!

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