Unplayable today Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria are the queens of this Greenweez Paris Major, won 6/2 6/4 against Gemma Triay / Marta Ortega. Despite saving 4 match points, they could do absolutely nothing to prevent the world No. 1s from ascending the Parisian throne.

The seeded 1 Ari Sanchez / Paula Josemaria against seed 2 Gemma Triay / Marta Ortega : it was the dream poster for the women's final of the Greenweez Paris Major 2023. This final was the revenge of that of Rome last July, the very first for the players on the circuit Premier Padel. Triay and Ortega won with a score of 6/3 6/3, becoming the first female pair to win on this circuit. Enough to motivate Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria, who proved today that they are the undisputed queens of padel World.

■ 15h.- Paula Josemaria shed tears of joy and emotion after this victory and then during the interview in the stadium, explaining that she dreamed of becoming a tennis professional when she watched the matches at Roland-Garros since the age of 4 years. And here she is today, champion of Roland-Garros and world number 1 in a sport related to tennis.

■ 15h.- One of the keys to the match was the ability of the winners to score more winning points than unforced errors. For the losers, it's quite the opposite, with a very negative ratio. The other big change compared to yesterday is the rise in power of Ari Sanchez, who was struggling in the half but rectified the situation today, erasing the unusual mistakes she made yesterday.

The film of the match

■ 15 h42.- A bandeja from Gemma completely missed offers a 5th match point to Sanchez / Josemaria. And this time, it's the right one!!! A backhand from Paula Josemaria in the grid deceives Marta Ortega, who cannot prevent the ball from doubling.

■ 15h.- The 4th match point is saved and it is now a break point in favor of Gemma and Marta. Gemma pounds Sanchez, but the latter holds on and pushes Triay to make a mistake.

■ 15h.- The objective of the outsiders is to crack Ari Sanchez, known to be more fragile in money time. It works when Ari puts a ball in the net, giving his opponents a 15-30 lead. But Paula holds the house and offers a new match point to her team.

An incredible scenario

■ 15h.- An incredible scenario has just happened: while leading 0-40 on Gemma's serve, Ari and Paula saw their opponents save these three match points, come back and achieve their second break! This could remind Sanchez and Josemaria of their misadventure in Madrid: after a missed match point at the last minute, they were beaten by Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez.

■ 15h.- The following game is still won by Gustavo Pratto's players: after the break conceded, they have just scored eight points in a row! (5/3)

■ 15h.- No turning point, seem to say the bosses Sanchez and Josemaria: they inflict a blank break on Ortega's serve and regain the lead at 4/3.

First break for Marta and Gemma

■ 15h.- More enterprising and taking advantage of a defense where Marta touched a smash from Ari which seemed to be winning, Gemma and Marta obtain their first two break points on Paula's serve. The first is ruled out with a little luck, but the second is the right one, at the end of an interminable point! The seeded 2 is back at 3/3. Is this a turning point?

■ 15h.- And on the track, we see a new break for Sanchez and Josemaria (3/2). Ari graced the audience with a tweener which pushes Gemma into error and receives thunderous applause.

■ 15h.- According to our colleagues at Canal+, 8500 tickets were sold for these finals. As we said below, this is a record in France for padel.

■ 15h.- Little by little, Ortega and especially Triay seem to be regaining confidence. Martita holds her serve, losing only one point, with a superb par 3 from Gemma hit from distance, the first for her today.

■ 14h.- Sanchez and Josemaria equalize at 1/1 without being threatened at any time. In this match, they have not yet had a break point against them, while converting their two opportunities with 100% success.

■ 14h.- Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega absolutely must find solutions to reverse the trend. And first of all, don't lose their service straight away: mission accomplished without fear.

■ 14h.- After an almost shutout game, Sanchez / Josemaria concluded the first set 6/2 in just 33 minutes: in other words at the pace of a TGV, in a padel women's where a set played rarely ends in less than an hour.

The cat and mouse game

■ 14h.- Thanks to a smash from Ariana which goes directly into the grid, Gemma and Marta win their service and offer themselves a reprieve (2/5). But we don't see how this set could escape the players coached by Gustavo Pratto.

■ 14h.- We witness a game of cat and mouse on the track: Ari and Paula play with their prey, who are panicking and already don't really know what to do. The scoreboard is 5/1. In the next game, Josemaria even allows himself a daring tweener between the legs, but this time the point is lost.

■ 14h.- The coach was right to worry: Triay lost his serve again on a smash from Paula which found the grid. Ariana Sanchez shows a completely different face than yesterday, being much more threatening and making fewer mistakes. After only 20 minutes of play, there are already two breaks, 4/1 and above all 62% of the points won by the favorites.

■ 14h.- While his players are still trailing 0-30 on Gemma's serve, we see their coach Rodrigo Ovide grimacing at the spectacle of a pair being held by the throat by Sanchez and Josemaria.

■ 14h.- Delicate yesterday with the shots played at eye level (bandeja et vibora), Ariana Sanchez commits a first foul in the net on a lob from Gemma. But that didn't stop him from holding his serve easily, bringing the score to 3/1.

■ 14h.- The n°1s then won their service game very easily, before stealing Marta Ortega's serve at the first opportunity, on a smash from Paula which hit the waitress.

■ 14:18 a.m.- From the first game, Sanchez and Josemaria showed themselves threateningly against the opposing team, pushing Gemma Triay up to 40A on her serve, without however obtaining a break point.

■ 14:03 a.m.- After warming up in turn with their coaches until 13:45 p.m., the two pairs enter the Philippe-Chatrier court. This is not yet completely filled but promises to break the attendance record: 2000 new seats have been put on sale since Wednesday evening, which could potentially reach 10 spectators. The record number of spectators for a match padel in France will be beaten today in any case.

■ 14:00 a.m.- As has been the case since the quarter-finals, the roof of the center court is closed due to heat. It's 32°C at Porte d'Auteuil: it's a little lower than the previous two days, but the mercury could still reach 34 around 16 p.m. The sun shining exactly in the axis of the track around 14 p.m., it represents a nuisance for the players and a threat for the public who are not in a shaded part of the stadium. The tournament director therefore confirmed it to us at 13 p.m.: “The roof will remain closed”!

After 40 years of tennis, Jérôme falls into the pot of padel in 2018. Since then, he thinks about it every morning while shaving… but never shaves pala in hand! Journalist in Alsace, he has no other ambition than to share his passion with you, whether you speak French, Italian, Spanish or English.