Facing qualified Emiliano Iriart and Carlos Cabeza, Bastien Blanqué and Adrien Maigret fought a great battle to win at the end of the suspense.

Unlike Jérémy Scatena and Adria Mercadal earlier, Bastien Blanqué and Adrien Maigret were very solid in the hot moments to come away with victory over Philippe Chatrier.

After a first set dominated by the Hispano-Italian duo, the tricolors had an excellent second round to return to equality. The third act will have been very tense with in particular a small interruption for a questionable ball at 3/3. While they had taken the service of their opponents, Bastien and Adrien seemed on track to conclude, but it was without counting on the rage of Iriart and Cabeza, who immediately rejoined the score. Both pairs were going to be solid on their commitments to take us to the long-awaited tie-break. A decisive game during which the pair which benefited from all the support of the public knew how to play their best padel !

For their second official match together, Blanqué and Maigret offer themselves a prestigious victory in this Roland-Garros of padel : 4/6 6/1 7/6.

At the same time, Adrien and Bastien unlock the counter for the French at the Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Major. Here are already two Blues qualified for the sixteenth, and there will necessarily be two others since immediately it is the pairs Bergeron / Leygue and Inzerillo / Moreau who compete!

To follow the match, it's HERE !

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