As we said before, the favorites have been intractable in the round of XNUMX at Roland-Garros, and we should be entitled to very high-level matches this Thursday.

Here is the program :

Philippe Chattier

  • 14 p.m.: L. Capra / M. Sanchez Aguero (ARG/ARG, No. 00) vs. J. Nieto Ruiz / M. Yanguas Diez (ESP-ESP, No. 7)
  • To be continued: F. Chingotto / J. Tello (ARG/ARG, N°4) vs J. Cruz Belluati / R. Moyano (ARG/ARG, N°13)
  • To be continued: A. Galan / J. Lebron (ESP/ESP, N°1) vs A. Fernandez Cano / JA Garcia Diestro (ESP/ESP, N°16)
  • Not before 20:30 p.m.: M. Di Nenno / F. Navarro (ARG / ESP, No. 2) vs L. Bergamini / V. Ruiz Remedios (BRA / ESP, No. 14)

Court n°3

  • 14 p.m.: P. Lima / F. Stupaczuk (BRA/ARG, No. 00) vs A. Arroyo Albert / G. Rubio Perez (ESP/ESP, No. 3)
  • To be continued: L. Campagnolo / J. Garrido (BRA/ESP, N°8) vs FM Gil Morales / A. Gomez Silingo (ESP/ARG, N°12)
  • To be continued: J. Gonzalez Luque / A. Ruiz Granados (ESP/ESP, N°6) vs J. Leal Perez / J. Rico Dasi (ESP/ESP, N°10)
  • Not before 18:00 p.m.: F. Belasteguin / A. Coello (ARG / ESP, No. 5) vs. P. Lijo Santos / J. Ruiz Gonzalez (ESP / ESP, No. 11)

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