Gregory Sertic, former professional footballer who played for Bordeaux and OM, is part of Team Rouge Julien Seurin. He told us about the All Star Remontada Padel.

An immense pleasure to play padel at the foot of the Eiffel Tower

It's just fabulous, I'm a fan of padel, I play regularly once or twice a week. When I was called to participate in the All Star Remontada Padel, at the bottom of our beloved Eiffel Tower, I immediately accepted. I'm having a lot of fun with my friends and also here at this great event.

His first steps in padel

3 years ago, I stopped playing football and I was looking for a sport that didn't hurt my knee. I came across the padel, I really enjoy practicing this sport. I took lessons at the beginning to have a solid foundation and the right movements. I play very often with Florent Sinama-Pongolle, he got me into this sport, he is a very good player, he gave me a lot of advice. At Canal +, we play among ourselves and it’s super nice.

I have just returned from an internship padel in Seville which lasted 4 days: we played 4 hours of padel per day. I learned even more thanks to the Spanish expertise, who gave me little tips.

Julien Seurin, this is our phenomenon

He's great, he gives us very good advice: he's exceptional! He is very attentive to our placement, to the tactics of the game, when we have to go to the net, when we have to spike. He used cards a lot and often gave us an advantage. I was moved to know that he was our coach, his advice is essential and I thank him for it. I had a great time with him and with our entire Rouge team.

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