Nallé Grinda and Jérôme Inzerillo played their first game together. At FIP Rise of Canet en Rousillon, the Monegasque and the Frenchman felt at ease and qualified for the knockout stages by beating Grué / Cancel in straight sets. They replay this Friday at 15:00 p.m., against the French pair seeded number 7: Le Panse / Trancart!

Questioned at the exit of the court by Padel Magazine, the two men gave us news that excites fans of the padel French.

First of all, Nallé Grinda announced that he would be much more present on the French circuit. “I feel competitive”.

grinda nallé inzerillo

Jérôme then gave us his program for the next few weeks. The French will follow the APT Padel Tour: first the Future 1000 in Hungary, then the tournaments in Lisbon, Monaco and Seville. The only doubt for Jérôme, he does not yet know who to play with. Suitors?

You can listen to the words of both players by clicking here!

Lorenzo Lecci López

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