We already knew that the 997th player in the French ranking, Hatem Ben Arfa, was a real fan of padel. But what we didn't know is that he is obviously so addicted to the activity that he is ready to abandon his first passion, football!

Indeed, the former French international, who has never announced his retirement from the football fields, was contacted by Samir Nasri to be part of the French team in the Kings League, a 7-a-side football league created by Gérard Pique. But as Nasri explained in a live on the channel Twitch from Aminematue, Hatem refused because he has other plans: “He's been contacted, he's not too hot. He plays a lot of padel, he is classy". Amine adding: “Hatem is in the padel, he is in pro player mode".

Thanks to his determination, the one who participated in 70 tournaments padel in 2023 managed to enter the French Top 1000. What can we expect next?

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