Head, official ball of the Spanish Federation of Padel since 2015 has renewed its agreement until 2022. The Head Padel Pro continues to be the benchmark ball in the padel.

All the championships organized by the Spanish Federation of Padel will continue to play with the Head Padel Pro, the Austrian brand and the FEP having renewed their partnership agreement. Otherwise, Head asserts itself as an official partner of the FEP.

Head Padel Pro tube and ball


For Ramon Morcillo, President of the FEP, it is a chance to be able to continue with the ball that also equips the World Padel Tour : “It is a privilege for the Spanish Federation to continue to benefit from the support of a brand of the class of Head and to be able to use the best balls on the market today. ”

Same story for the Austrian brand, since the Category Manager Ricky brigolle was very satisfied with this renewal: “We are very happy to provide the official FEP ball for two more years. It is a great opportunity to continue to bring the padel in every corner of the country, both in terms of competition and training. We want to continue to work hand in hand with the Federation, joining forces in favor of this magnificent sport. ”

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