With summer in sight, Head unveils its new collection which includes the Performance, Vision and Club lines, and a novelty: “We are Padel".

Design and performance go hand in hand in the new textile collection HEAD Summer 2022. The collection includes the Performance, Vision and Club lines and, as a novelty, We are Padel, designed especially for lovers of this sport.

Head Summer 2022 is a collection with a multitude of styles so that all types of players can find the look that best suits their tastes. Thus, we will find more sporty and elegant looks, as in the Performance line, more youthful and colorful styles, both in the Vision line and in the 'We are padel', and even more classic looks typical of the Club line.

The performance collection

The Performance line is pure elegance and combines timeless style with high performance materials. Dark blue and white set the overall tone, while cool hues like pink and mint green for women and dark gray and orange for men provide new accents and a sportier touch.

On the one hand, pleated skirts and dresses, classic polo shirts and sporty cut t-shirts define the elegant Performance style and become the most sophisticated garments. On the other hand, and following the same color choice: petrol blue and white, this sub-collection offers t-shirts, polo shirts and trousers in premium designs for men.

The vision collection

This is where color comes into play! we no longer just have dark blue and white, but we are adding bold prints, bright and fun colors.

Different shades of pink, blue and green mark the personality of the Vision line in the different women's garments such as tank tops, dresses or jackets, which in some occasions will also be combined with animal prints: a declaration of intentions. Men will be able to wear prints with degraded patterns in blue, orange and red tones.

The Club collection

Collection HEAD Sportswear would not be complete without the Club line, made up of cotton clothing and technical clothing with sporty cuts and a more classic design. The entire Club series is available in the five traditional basic colors of the collection: black, white, red, blue and navy blue.

It is worth noting that all Club clothing is perfectly combined with the color range of other lines of the collection.

The collection “We are padel"

This latest series shows the passion of HEAD for the padel. HEAD Sportswear has decided to include the “We Are Padel” due to the enormous growth of the padel in the world. the padel is fast, incredibly fun and a team sport, and that's what “We are Padel” reflects with fresh colors and eye-catching designs.

This sub-collection emphasizes the young character of the clothes with more surprising prints, but in the same recurring colors as the other lines: for women magenta and blue, and for men orange, electric blue and bright red.

MXM Technology

All of the above garments incorporate the exclusive technology HEAD MXM (Moisture Transfer Microfiber): high-performance microfibers that transport sweat to the surface of the fabric, where it evaporates easily. This creates a cooling effect and allows the material to dry quickly.

The summer 2022 collection is now available on the website of Head, so you're just one click away from dressing like #TeamHEAD and to always be elegant!

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.