HEAD unveils its new technologies padel 2017. The Graphene Touche seems to be the new technology padel. Let's see :

Graphene Touch

  • The Graphene XT, already known, evolves again and becomes the Graphene Touch, a unique combination that reduces vibration and increases comfort.
  • The shots will now have another sound and the impact will be more comfortable without losing power or control.
  • With the demo tool, you can feel the difference in the vibrations and sound of typing.



  • The already known Graphene is now used more efficiently by exploiting all its qualities. The cells are now larger and 30% stronger than those of the first generation of Graphene.
  • Graphene XT is used on the frame and on the strike zone providing even more speed and increasing durability.


Graphene is a two-dimensional material that allows the use of carbon under conditions of low weight and high rigidity. It is used on the racket frame, greater stability and torsional rigidity is achieved without having to use more carbon, and therefore more weight. The racket is therefore more powerful and more forgiving. But that's not all, the Graphene is also present on the strike zone to increase the solidity of this one during the strike.

Flexible Chassis

The “Flexible Chassis” is a new construction in the tube of the racket to obtain a smoother union with the rubber and thus obtain a better “sweetspot” (optimal hitting zone) and greater comfort. This tubular, built from pre-modeled carbon layers, has been designed with the different areas of the frame in mind to give more or less rigidity / flex to each area as needed. With this shape, the frame is stiff in areas where there is more torsion and is flexible in areas where there is a need for a larger “sweetspot”.


The new POWER FOAM rubber is the ideal partner for maximum power and unique comfort. A semi-soft eraser with ultra-fast memory that provides better sensations and even more powerful shots.


The new ULTRA SOFT gum is developed from the already known N2 gum, but with new density and faster shape memory for improved sound and playability.


Circular Holes Intelligent Pattern (CHIP) is a new arrangement of the sieve holes of varying sizes with the C-Ring System which brings 2 additional advantages: Better “sweet spot” (more tolerance, comfort and control) due to the variable size Holes. Better impact stiffness (more power) in the center with low hole density.


Innegra is currently the lightest carbon fiber created, an ultra rigid hybrid compound that absorbs vibration up to 17% and improves stability.

Anti Shock Skin

  • The Anti Shock Skin is a ribbon made from a durable and shock-resistant polymer.
  • Placed above the frame, it protects against scratches and bumps. The Anti Shock Skin makes the racket resistant to knocks and friction like no other.

Integrated Bumper

Integrated Bumper System is a pre-molded carbon protection that will protect your racquet from knocks and scratches and thus increase its life.

Corrugated Technology

CT technology consists of molding the carbon frame in a wavy, not smooth form, which will increase the rigidity of the carbon frame and add more power to your shots.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.