Les nouvelles Head Graphene 360+ Gamma Pro and Gamma Motion have made a remarkable entry into the world of palas. Focus on the model used by Arturo Coello.

With the Gamma range, Head resolutely wanted to offer us two totally atypical palas. The Austrian brand has developed a shape that cannot be seen anywhere else.

Gamma Pro Graphene360 + 2021 Head

Thanks to this specificity, the pala benefits from great maneuverability, but does not lack punching power. Add the Power Foam, praised for its great ball output and exceptional comfort, and the Flexible Chassis technology, and you have a very pleasant pala, which perfectly absorbs vibrations.

Thanks to the carbon and graphene structure on the frame and faces, you will enjoy sufficient power and stability for attacking shots and aggressive strikes. The large sweet-spot and the soft touch will offer you comfort and tolerance.

In other words a versatile pala, with qualities that appeal to both Edu Alonso (31 WPT), a hardworking right-wing player, and Arturo Coello (17 WPT), a left-hander of 1m, with a very aggressive and capable game. to spike from the bottom of the track!

In short, the Gamma Pro (370 grams) can appeal to any player, regardless of their playing style!


For those who would like to know a little more about this superb model, find her presentation video just below!

For those who would prefer a similar pala, but a little lighter, the Gamma Motion displays the same characteristics, but with 10 grams less on the scale!

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