This time it was one of our Hispanic colleagues who took over a pala to test it and give you its own sensations. Here we go for the Head Graphene 360+ Delta Motion.

A pala that has already made a lot of talk when it was not yet on sale. A great communication on the part of the Austrian brand on its extraordinary power had aroused interest on the part of all. Let's get down to business, his test.

This Graphene 360+ Delta Motion is a diamond shaped pala with a weight rather oriented towards the top of the pala. What surprises from the first grip is its weight (355 grams) and its great maneuverability. Both its frame and its surface are made of carbon and graphene, the foam used is Power Foam, and its surface is rough.

On the track, we immediately feel that we will be able to do beautiful things with this jewel, but that it will take a little time to get used to it. Attention for beginners, this pala requires a minimum of technique to get the best out of it. After a moment of acclimatization, we notice that the punto dulce is enlarged, which helps to gain in maneuverability.

At the bottom of the field

Playing in defense from the bottom of the track requires time to understand so that the pala is your friend. Understand and find the punto dulce so you can “drop” the ball where you want it. On the other hand as soon as it is necessary to accelerate the play with exits of windows or attacks from the bottom, it will behave like a chief. Precision and bullet speed will be there.


It is in this area that it is most comfortable. Precision in the volley, speed up the game when the time comes, play Bandejas or smash, the Delta Motion is really in its field. In fact it is not an ultra powerful pala which will make you take out the ball by 3 after each smash, but a pala which will know how to help you attack, block and have control over the game at the net. Getting the ball out will be possible, but with a need for technicality. Need power? You will have it. But you will also have access to the other moves.

The final word

This pala is part of what most players like, power and control. But beware, it requires a minimum of technique for a correct control of the machine. We are not going to advise against it for beginners, you are free to buy what you like, but although it is light and handy, the Graphene 360+ Delta Motion requires a minimum of experience for be fully exploited.

This pala is oriented towards an attack game. If you are that type of player, you will enjoy it. Attacking by looking for control in the ball as well as speed, this is what the 360+ Delta Motion does best. On the other hand if your game is based on defense, even if it will not disappoint you, it would be better to turn to another pala of the brand.

Source: El Venerazo

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a padel teacher in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very appreciated by clubs and padel players. Columnist and advisor, he helps you play better through his many padel tutorials.