Head presents its brand new Delta range of padel specially made for the padel. On the program a “paletero”, a backpack and a pouch!

Austrian firm Head no longer to present. After the collection Gravity, made from recycled bottles, the brand that equips Sanyo Gutierrez in particular offers the Delta line, in vibrant colors.

A line of products specially designed for padel that will not go unnoticed with this mix of orange, black and gray, matching the palas of the same name !

head padel delta 2021

In this new line, we find a “paletero”, a backpack and a small pouch for your personal effects.

Delta Sport Bag

Head Delta Pouch bag

Here is a paletero as we like them! Thanks to its large compartment, the new Delta Sport Bag will allow you to carry everything you need for your games. padel or while traveling. With its isothermal pocket equipped with CCT technology, you can keep your palas and drinks cool. Very versatile, the new paletero in the Delta range can be worn as a backpack, and its many reinforced compartments will allow you to perfectly store your belongings!

VOLUME: 49 liters

DIMENSIONS: 60 x 30,5 x 31

Delta Backpack

Head Delta Backpack backpack

Equipped with a large pocket, the Delta Backpack will allow fans of compact formats to carry as much business as possible. Here again, the many compartments will facilitate storage and the fact that they are reinforced will ensure a good hold over time!

VOLUME: 29 liters

DIMENSIONS: 35.5 x 46 x 24

Delta Pouch

Head Delta pouch pouch

To always have your personal belongings close at hand, the pretty matching pouch will complete your look with subtlety!

VOLUMEN: 2 liters


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