After launching his new Delta range for 2022, the Austrian brand is now unveiling the three new Zéphyrs!

The lightest, most manoeuvrable and comfortable range from home Head returns in 2022 with a main novelty: the incorporation of Graphene 360+ technology. On the program, optimized energy transfer and more flexibility thanks to the braiding of the spiral-shaped wires.


Weighing 345 grams, the Zephyr is a light, easy-to-handle pala that offers a lot of comfort thanks in particular to its Comfort Foam. The round shape of this pala gives it more comfort, it will be ideal for intermediate level players, who want to benefit from great tolerance and optimal vibration absorption.


The Zephyr Pro is the most powerful version of the range. With its 365 grams, it will offer more stability when typing. The elements that make the success of the Zephyr range are still there, with the Power Foam and its comfort and its exit of the ball, and the soft sensations on impact thanks in part to the Grapgene 360+. If you are an advanced level player and control and comfort are your number one concern, then this pala should be for you.

Zephyr UltraLight

This is the lightest of the brand's models, the UltraLight as its name suggests, will offer you unprecedented maneuverability thanks to its 340 grams. An extremely comfortable, tolerant and flexible pala, which will offer great safety to players in search of lightness and to juniors who want to take their first steps with an adult model.

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