HEAD Sportswear just presented the new collection Summer 2022 which includes as usual the lines Performance, Vision et ahead Club as well as a brand new line called We are Padel.

The new sub-category, stamped with the very characteristic We are logo Padel, was specially created for players of padel, proof of the growth of this sport on a global level and of the brand's passion for this sport.

The “We are Padel” gives pride of place to asymmetrical prints, gradients and assertive colors such as magenta, red and electric blue.

As you will see just below, it is a style that should particularly appeal to young people.

All garments in the line incorporate technology Head MXM (Moisture Transfer Microfiber) which consists of high quality microfibers that transport perspiration to the surface of the fabric, where it is easily evaporated.

There are both technical clothing to ensure during matches, and others in cotton, to be comfortable off the slopes.

The whole collection can be found in your clubs, at your usual retailers, and on the website of the Austrian brand.

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