The Austrian brand had been teasing its Social Media. The wait is now over with the official launch of the new range Gravity !

Head launches Gravity, a top-of-the-range collection with a rounded shape and focused on control and comfort. With its very modern and different colors on both sides, it will suit players looking for an unrivaled touch on the ball and an extra wide sweet-spot. As with the Alphas and more recently the Delta, Head offers three models: Pro, Motion and Elite.



It is the pala which will be seized from now on by the 38th player in the world, Eduardo Alonso. Thanks to its round shape, it will bring comfort and control to advanced level players. Auxetic technology and carbon on the faces will give you unparalleled precision and feel.

The 21-year-old is already conquered: “I feel very comfortable with this pala. The feeling at impact is very pleasant and it gives me confidence. The Gravity Pro helps me control every shot and get the ball where I want it. In the padel Currently, the game is very fast and it is very important to be able to control the ball without making a mistake. With its round shape and enlarged sweet-spot, this pala gives me security at all times. In addition, in the attack blows, it offers me this extra speed to outflank my opponents. What more can one ask for? This racquet has it all!”


It is the lighter version of the Gravity Pro. It will suit players who want even more maneuverability, as well as ladies. This is also the pala with which we will see the young Marina Guinart. The one who is in 39th place in the world ranking is delighted with this new model: “This pala adapts perfectly to my style of play. It is tolerant and forgives mistakes, which obviously helps me. I have always liked light and handy palas and this one is both at the same time. In addition, I find that having a different design on both sides is very original. I'm so thrilled with this Gravity Motion that I wouldn't change it for the world!”

Gravity Elite

With its fiberglass on the faces, the Gravity Elite will be the most flexible racquet in the range. It will be particularly interesting for intermediate level players who are looking for more comfort.

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