It has now been seven years since Sanyo Gutierrez engaged with Head Padel : the opportunity to review all the models of palas he has used!

To celebrate Sanyo Gutierrez's seven years at Head, the brand made a small retrospective on Instagram of all the models the Argentine player has played with since 2014.

In seven years, Sanyo has been able to play with 5 different models (6 if we count the limited edition of 2020), which have all the particularity of being in the shape of water drop. Maximum versatility for “el mago”!

2014-2015: Head Tornado 3.1 Speed ​​N2

Head graphenext alpha pro 2016

This is Sanyo Gutierrez's first signature racquet at Head. A racket with a “flashy” design and glossy paint. A pala that was one of the references of the time with its very comfortable N2 foam.

In 2016: Head GrapheneXT Alpha Pro

Head Tornado N2 Speed ​​Sanyo

This is the debut of the Alpha line, a completely new racquet, which stands out for its bridge and the presence of GrapheneXT on the faces. The paint becomes matt and a new foam appears: UltraSoft Foam.

2017-2018: Head Graphene Touch Alpha Pro

Head grapghene touch alpha pro 2018

For this evolution of the Alpha Pro, we keep the same mold and the same foam, but we change the paint, and above all it is the appearance of Graphene Touch on the faces!

2019-2020: Head Graphene 360 ​​Alpha Pro

head graphene 360 ​​alpha pro 2020

In 2019, Sanyo's pala receives a brand new mold, a new foam, the famous Power Foam, and it incorporates Graphene 360+. This pala is once again one of the favorites of the public, meeting a very strong success with players who seek absolute versatility.

To celebrate the 5 years of the first Alpha, it will receive a limited edition, which takes the colors of the 2016 version!

Head Graphene alpha pro 2020 limited edition

In 2021: Head Graphene 360+ Alpha Pro

head graphene360 + alpha pro 2021

It is of course the very last pala used by Sanyo. In addition to its magnificent design, it benefits from the very latest innovations of the Austrian brand, such as the Graphene360 +. A racket that should once again satisfy the most demanding players!


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