The Spanish Padel Championships reserved for under 23s are currently being played in Madrid, and the players of the World Padel Tour have not missed the event.

The quarter-finals will take place tonight at Reebok Club La Finca, in Pozuelo de Alarcon, near Madrid.

At men's

There are some very good WPT players, like Martin Di Nenno, semi-finalist of the Vuelve A Madrid Open, associated with Javi Garrido, 25th player in the world.

But also Coki Nieto and Javi Rico or Lucas Bergamini, all three quarterfinals of the Vuelve A Madrid Open. Young Ivan Ramirez and Arturo Coello are also in the game. Here are the posters of the quarter-finals going on tonight:

  • Garrido (25 WPT) / Di Nenno (26 WPT) vs Moya (304 WPT) / Barahona (42 WPT)
  • Bergamini (30 WPT) / Gonzalez Luque (36 WPT) vs Gaspar (91 WPT) / Gil Batista (132 WPT)
  • Ramirez (78 WPT) / Coello (71 WPT) vs Solano (105 WPT) / Gonzalez Garcia (94 WPT)
  • Nieto (23 WPT) / Rico (22 WPT) vs Rodriguez Marquez (220 WPT) / Ronco Lopez (186 WPT)

A good tournament to warm up before theAdeslas Open which starts on Sunday! Max Moreau and Javiez de Paiz will certainly pay attention to the results since their Sunday morning opponents, Solano (105 WPT) / Gonzalez Garcia (94 WPT), play tonight.

In the ladies

The table is also noted among girls since there are several pairs stamped WPT. Of course the number 1 seeds, Bea Gonzalez and Marta Ortega, who won the Vuelve A Madrid Open, but also Araceli Martinez (37 WPT) and Delfi Brea (12 WPT), Sofia Saiz (73WPT) / Lorena Rufo (66 WPT), or Ariadna Cañellas (53WPT) / Cristina Carrascosa ( 75 WPT).

The opponents of Alix Collombon and Nicole Traviesa at the next Adeslas Open, Goenaga (41 WPT) / Caldera (29 WPT), are also in the game. In short, heavy there too. Here are the posters for tonight's quarter-finals:

  • Gonzalez (13 WPT) / Ortega (2 WPT) vs Canovas / Velasco Postiguillo (174 WPT)
  • Goenaga (41 WPT) / Caldera (29 WPT) vs Jensen / Rodriguez Rejon (163 WPT)
  • Saiz (73WPT) / Rufo (66 WPT) vs Cañellas (53WPT) / Carrascosa (75 WPT)
  • Martinez (37 WPT) / Brea (12 WPT) vs Polo (54 WPT) / Perez Marin (100 WPT)

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