True legend of French tennis, Henri Leconte discovered in Spain a new passion that he brought back to France.

How do you explain the rapid growth of padel in France ?

This is obvious: it is a playful sport, simpler than tennis and squash, and especially accessible to all.

What are the advantages of this discipline compared to other racket sports?

We immediately take pleasure while for tennis you have to wait two or three years. For my part, I discovered the padel with Manolo Santana in Spain a few years ago and I very quickly fell in love with this sport. Since then, I try to do as often as possible and I decided to create my own company "Henri Leconte Padel ».

How the padel can it be beneficial for tennis players?

You work mostly on the fly, the smash and your timing. We must also build the point, be cunning. It's a very tactical sport, like a game of chess. It is played as a team, which needs to be complementary. And the more you progress, the harder it is physically.

Why did you decide to open the first club in Manosque?

Michel and Laurent Chaumeton were looking for a modern, fun, fun and dynamic sport to set up in Manosque. They came to see me, the idea materialized and in June 2014 the Complex was born. He's kind of our baby at HLP and I'm very proud of it. I really thank Michel and Laurent for having had this idea and for all the work they do every day. They are the precursors, who had the audacity to install these three courts of padel.

In the medium term, how do you imagine the development of padel ?

It will continue to develop rapidly. The tennis federation has understood this well by integrating it. She realizes that the number of tennis licensees drops every year and that the padel will bring a new impetus, because all can practice it. Tennis requires more effort on all fronts. Tennis clubs will increasingly add tennis courts to padel, I am sure.

Harry Hoze

Harry Hozé discovers the padel a bit by chance, thanks to a friend. A true tennis enthusiast, he immediately hooks up with this discipline. His day of glory comes in May 2017 when, as part of a report for a regional newspaper, he hits the ball with Henri Leconte.