The AD/vantage team, which had managed to place its three teams in the semi-finals, logically won the 2024 Hexagon Cup.

For its first edition, theHexagon Cup won the hearts of fans padel. Close matches with a great tie-break adding suspense and uncertainty, very high level players, conviviality... The heart of the Madrid Arena beat to the rhythm of the padel all weekend and the organizers can be proud of their event.

On the pitch, it was the members of Andy Murray's team who were the most prolific. If the young Garcia and Hernandez did not manage to reach the final, the pairs Brea / Araujo and Tello / Di Nenno both won their category. It was difficult, with a defeat each in the groups, and victories snatched from the super tie-break, but in the end these two teams showed very good mentality. The great cohesion of Team AD/vantage will therefore have borne fruit.

Among the girls, Brea and Araujo, former teammates, showed that they still had a very good bond, while among the men, selection teammates Di Nenno and Tello were able to offer a padel quality, with a bit of an old-fashioned style, Martin building the points for his powerful teammate. A recipe that worked with a nice revenge against their usual partners Stupa and Ruiz in the final.

The first edition of the Hexagon Cup finished, all these beautiful people (or almost) will cross the Atlantic for another tournament which promises to be spectacular!

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