The group stage is over at the Hexagon Cup and only one team has managed to place its three pairs in semi-finals : AdvantageTeam.

They may not have been the most impressive team on paper, but they are the one who fared the best in Madrid. Mentally, Andy Murray's team will have finally succeeded in qualifying its three duos for the last four.

Among the men, Martin Di Nenno and Juan Tello lost a close match against Stupa and Alex Ruiz but the work they had done previously against Capra and Chingotto paid off.

Among the girls, in a very tough group, it was ultimately the close victory of Sofia Araujo and Delfi Brea against Icardo / Salazar that made the difference.

Finally, in the Next Gen category, the young Garcia and Hernandez also lost a match, but they sought their qualification on the third day.

Will we see the Team ADvantage teams in the final tomorrow? Answer today. The program ;

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