The Hexagon Cup started on Wednesday in Madrid and at the end of the first two days, we see that all the matches are on!

It's simple, out of the twelve confrontations which took place, we had six matches decided in three sets (super tie-break), and eight tie-breaks. Moreover, the six matches which were played in two sets each time offered a decisive game to the spectators!

You have understood, we are witnessing some great fights in the Spanish capital, and each pair is giving everything they have to try to win. Those who thought we were going to see a bit of an exhibition tournament were wrong. Players who want to settle one month before the season, and afford a share of the nice prize money, play the game to the fullest!

Judge for yourself!

A real boon for spectators who enjoy suspenseful matches and crazy points like this one for example:

Now let's see if the third day of competition will be as indecisive as the previous two!

The program :

Next Gen (from 10:00 a.m.)

Rodriguez / Cardona (Hexagon Cup) vs Garcia / Hernandez (AD/vantage)

R.Coello / Guerrero (Bella) vs Gala / E.Jensen (RL9)

Men and Women (from 15:00 p.m.)

Sanchez / C.Jensen (RL9) vs Gonzalez / Fernandez (Bella)

Ruiz / Stupaczuk (Bella) vs. Chingotto / Capra (Eleven Eleven)

Salazar / Icardo (Hexagon Cup) vs Ortega / Triay (Rafa Nadal Academy)

Navarro / Diaz (Hexagon Cup) vs A.Coello / Nieto (Bella)

To follow the matches (from 15:00 p.m.):

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