Are you looking to combine weight training and cardio to progress padel? Then HIIT or High Intensity Interval Training is certainly for you. We you had already talked about this training method, we will present it to you in more detail.

No need to teach you, padel is a sport that demands a lot of cardio. The long discussions and the multiplicity of front / back races can put your heart to the test. When stitches last a very long time, they are often the least physically costly players who end up committing the fault.

It is therefore essential to have a good cardio when you want to do padel in competition. To work on it while strengthening yourself physically, nothing like HIIT. This method consists of chain exercises with a generally short rest time. The high intensity will allow you to be more resistant and to gain in particular lucidity on the ground.

In addition to combining muscle and cardio work, HIIT has two other big advantages: the sessions are quite short (barely an hour including warm-up), varied, and you can do them in gyms, on the padel court, or even almost anywhere with a little material and imagination.

If you do padel in competition and want to improve physically, you can perform up to three HIIT sessions per week, by leaving at least one day of rest between two sessions. The classic HIIT format is 40/20 (40 seconds of effort, 20 seconds of rest), and you can for example perform 4 sequences of 5 exercises taking around two minutes of rest between the sequences. All this is of course flexible according to your objectives.

The choice of movements that can be incorporated into a HIIT is huge and also depends on what you want to work on during a given session. Exercises like squat in all its forms, burpees, weightlifting movements, running, support, jumps etc. lend themselves to it very well. The whole being of vary them well so you never get bored! More and more gyms and personal trainers are offering HIIT sessions, so don't hesitate to ask the professionals for advice!

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