The courts are constantly modernizing and improving. Nevertheless, the padel can be a traumatic sport for the joints. Must therefore guard against injuries to play in the best conditions.

Choosing the right equipment

The first thing to do is to have a minimum of physical condition. Between the times of support and the back and forth, the heart is tremendously strained. To cash in, you have to work on your cardio. In addition, whether you are an amateur or in competitive mode, the choice of material is essential.

Asked by Corriere dello Sport, Luca La Verde, specialist in orthopedics and traumatology, explains: “Above all, don't skimp on the quality of your equipment. Often times, the amateur player chooses a racquet lightly, having no knowledge of weight and material, which can cause serious problems with the arm due to vibration. A heavy unbalanced pala and a lack of cushioning cause inflammation in the tendons of the elbow and the pasterns ”.

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Eliminate vibrations

How to avoid the famous “padel elbow ”? For the specialist, it is necessary to take some basic precautions: “The carbon fiber in snowshoes is a good material to prevent trauma, like the Hesacore grip which eliminates vibrations and reduces trauma to the arm ”. In case of tendonitis, it is possible to recover faster than before. Thus, regenerative medicine and orthopedics can combine to speed up the healing process: “Both serve to regenerate tissue. For example, the infiltrations of hyaluronic acid and plasma (rich in platelets) are excellent. Cartilage damage in ankles and knees can be treated with stem cells ”.

Warm up intelligently

Physiotherapist at the Sportkinetic Area in Rome, Manuele Lucarelli explains that it is injury prevention that makes the difference: “It must be centered on the balance between the agonist and antagonist muscles of the upper belt, specific strengthening of the buttocks, quadriceps, sural triceps and adequate neuromotor control”. The aim is to work on the shoulder, lower back and pelvis joints.

We know how the padel can get addicting! However, it's like everything: you need moderation. “It is always good to alternate a day of rest between two matches”, advises the practitioner. A good warm-up, a good preparation beforehand and you will be transformed!

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