You want to invest in a new special racket for the attacker you are but you do not know where to go. Let’s try to help you.

Manufacturers offer snowshoes that all promise to be more powerful than the others, but which one is best for you? As we did with the control oriented palas, let's try to see more clearly with the models for attackers.

Just like the term “Control”, the term “Power” can be perceived differently depending on the sensations everyone is looking for technicalOr his playing style. Here is what to watch out for when buying a racket for a very aggressive player.

  • The form

If you are a pure attacker who earns a lot of points thanks to his smash, it is advisable to invest in a diamond or water drop racquet. Balance in mind will allow you to hit harder, and the fact that the “sweet-spot” is placed upwards will encourage you to strike with the top of the sieve, which will give you the possibility of hit the ball higher, and therefore to take out the balls more easily. Likewise, the higher the weight of the racket, the more it will allow you to hit hard (within reason of course).

  • The “salida de bola”

The “salida de bola” is the speed at which the ball leaves your racket without your intervention.

A good “salida de bola” generally makes it possible to return the ball faster, and that is what some players are looking for. Especially on the fly, since it allows you to play deeper balls with less effort. It’s also interesting for smashers who favor kick to pure force. Snowshoes that have a soft eraser generate a superior spring effect, this is why it is advisable to turn to a foam type FOAM (polyethylene) or EVA Hypersoft if you want a very high “bola salida”.

The problem that can arise when playing with a soft racket is that you hit so hard that the pala cannot generate its spring effect, letting the ball sink into your sieve, causing the ball to lose speed. Thus, players who like to hit very hard, are normally more effective with a harder pala. A foam EVA mid or hard they are therefore advised.

  • The racket faces

The sides of your racket are generally in fiberglass or carbon, or, as we see more and more, mix of two. Fiberglass is more elastic so it adds spring effect, as well as comfort. Carbon fiber is stiffer, which provides a drier feel. Today there are different types of carbon, depending on their hardness. 18k carbon will be harder than 3k carbon, an element which will have to be taken into account when making your choice.

Manufacturers offer all styles of power rackets. The first element to take into consideration will be the formsthen you will need to find the combination that best fits your game. There are, for example, many snowshoes that combine a soft foam with rigid carbon faces (12k or 18k), which can be a good compromise since you will have a high “bola salida” and a rigid feel.

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