We all asked ourselves this question at least once when we first started playing padel. And it is legitimate, it proves that we want to improve in our game.


First of all, you have to be able to count on regular lessons. Whether it is individual lessons to be able to work on a specific situation of the game, or a particular blow.

Group lessons also allow you to assimilate the concepts by working in a different way and seeing others sometimes succeed in what you cannot do yourself.

In short, you must be diligent in your willingness to work and persevere in your quest for improvement.

Consistency is the key to success. Take a lesson, once every 36th of the month will not be very useful ...

The games

In your training program, you must incorporate matches in which you will work on a particular aspect of the game. These are themed matches.

They are important so that when the high stake matches, the competitions and especially the important points arrive, you are ready and know immediately what to do to win the point.

The more you learn to manage these important moments, which will tip the sets on your side, the more your level will improve.

In conclusion, you have to mix the pleasures. It is necessary to work precisely on certain tactics to be implemented during lessons with a qualified teacher. But you have to work on a particular game situation during your training matches. All this will make you more efficient in competitions.

Alexis Dutour

Alexis Dutour is passionate about padel. With his training in communication and marketing, he puts his skills at the service of padel to offer us articles that are always very interesting.