THEorganization of the French teams of padel in 2020 will be reviewed. The elected official in charge of padel, Hubert Picquier, looks back on the novelties of this beginning of the year, the new high level figure padel : Thierry pham and club conference padel private.

  • Thierry Pham, the new strong man of padel

There will indeed be change in 2020. And it started with the arrival of Thierry Pham, appointed by the DTN, responsible for the high level padel. A very competent person that the padel is lucky to have on his team. As soon as he took up his post, he went out to meet all the players.

His great strength: he has no a priori. It is new and can thus offer us completely impartial orientations.

  • And already change ...

Absolutely since the COMEX of the FFT must validate a new organization of the French and young Teams.

We are also working for the development of padel feminine, drawing inspiration from the successes recorded by federal actions.

  • Patrick Fouquet, despite his good results as captain of the ladies' team, will not be renewed in 2020.

Patrick Fouquet is not a name crossed out at the FFT.

It is not a sanction at all. It is a different organization that is taking shape.

  • When will we know the new organization of Team France?

On March 13, the DTN will propose to COMEX the validation of the organization of Team France.

  • The CNE PADEL in Puteaux

The FFT works there every day. It is a very big file. And we are talking about very large amounts of several tens of millions of euros.

The FFT has already done many things. This requires great consultation between all of the services.

The Puteaux file should be launched in 2023. It may also be done in several installments. But for now, it is still too early to say more.

  • Soon a conference of private clubs?

Yes, private clubs are essential elements in the development of padel in France.

We are working on setting up a conference to bring together all the private structures soon. Because the FFT is perfectly aware that the expectations and constraints of a club padel private are not always the same as those of an affiliated municipal club.

The idea is to see how to be more efficient and meet their demands. We will work to develop the padel in France, but also to help the structures to project themselves.

There is work, but be sure of one thing: the FFT works every day for the development of padel and remains permanently attentive to the services of its clubs and licensees.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.