Have you always dreamed of seeing the best players in the world of padel at work ? See you in Toulouse in just over a month.

For the first time, all the best players in the world of padel will be present for a tournament being played on French soil.

Did you dream of seeing King Bela, the overpowering smashes of Juan Lebron or the “cuchilla” of Paquito Navarro? That's good, all these players, accompanied by their partners, will be present at the André Brouat sports center mid-June.

Lovers of padel feminine, you want to appreciate the “dinamita” Paula Josemaria, the legendary bandeja of Alejandra Salazar and the two-handed backhand of Marta Marraro? Hurry up to get your tickets because there are not many places left…

We remind you that the first WPT Open in France will begin on June 12 with a qualifying phase which will be played on the 4Padel of Colombiers. From the 15th, the main draw matches will begin at the Sports Palace, an arena that will be able to accommodate 4500 people, which promises a big party for the padel French!

human program padel open 2022

Finally, remember that holders of a ticket for the center will also have access to court 2 for free. To take your places, it's HERE.

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