The aspect tactical padel a a more than important place in the way you play. As you move up through levels, if you lose against technically weaker opponents, it is often that they have been better than you tactically!

We will try in this article to advice you on the tactical aspect padel.

What is the tactic at padel ?

We could define it as a set of strokes, movements and positions in the field that we have to perform to optimize our performance against our opponents.


Know each other well

The first thing to know and this is fundamental: know your game!

  • What are our best and our worst moves
  • The state of our physical condition
  • If we feel more comfortable for defend or attack
  • What is the power that we can give the ball without losing control, etc.

In short, knowing our game and knowing how to make the most of it.

Observe the play of your opponents

There is nothing like knowing your rivals to find a suitable strategy. If you have never played against them, take advantage of the warm-up to observe certain points.

  • See if they are left-handed or right-handed
  • Observe if they use flat shots or with effects
  • Take a good look at them good and bad (Backhand, smashes, ..)
  • Try to assess their physical condition : you can get an idea at first glance depending on the morphology, height, weight, age
  • Try to see where they feel most comfortable in the field
  • Check player temperament after losing an important point


Virginia Riera Sofia Araujo discussion

This is a very important point in the tactics of the game. essential to communicate well with your partner: tell him as quickly as possible where the opponents are, specify where you are going to serve, or even announce when you need to change ends in the middle of a rally.

Other important points to consider

  • Covered ground and therefore limited in height or outdoor field with therefore certain factors such as wind, sun, cold, humidity on the windows, parameters that can work in your favor if you use them well
  • Le type of surface and therefore with or without visible sand : whether you can afford slips or not, piles of sand in the corners, the speed of the carpet ...
  • Outputs. See according to the clubs and the grounds if the exits are authorized or not and see the clearance that one can have
  • The balls chosen to play is another very important aspect to take into account because with the cold, the balls are harder and bounce less. On the other hand with the heat, they will have more pressure and therefore a higher rebound. And finally with humidity, they will be heavy and therefore more difficult to move forward.

All of these factors are important and they will help us a lot to start the game on the right foot, and willoptimize our chances of playing well.

In summary, we must not forget that the padel is a team game, and when we can set up a good tactical, it will increase our chances of winning a match . We CANNOT enter the pitch to play as we see fit without paying attention to various factors.

And to conclude this article, while a good tactic is important, it is not essential. There is also the technical but above all, and this is the most important, to have a lot of fun .
Good luck for your next games!
Francois-Xavier Coninck

Belgian and Toulouse, it's possible! Passionate about NBA and Biathlon, I am also a drug addict padel. I organize tournaments, I teach. But what I like best about padel : these are the short crossed passings. What good croquettes !!