Located in defense, the player receives a deep ball first touching the side wall and then the back wall.

In this case, is it better to separate from the ball, that is to say to move towards the center of the field or to turn around the trajectory of the ball?

Both, my captain ! Let's try to be simple without being simplistic.

Separate :

In the case of a ball received, fast, with a cut and quite grazing effect, I recommend to separate, that is to say to move to the center of the field.

The business trip:

As the ball goes to your left, you have to move to the right to get the ball away from the body.

But at the same time you have to move back towards the back wall to respect rule n ° 1 in Padel : have the ball in front of you at the moment of impact in the racket.

These two conjugated movements lead us to describe on the ground an inner diagonal between the initial position of waiting and the striking position.

A little, a lot, passionately ….

If the backward motion depends on the speed of the ball being received (the faster it is and the less you have to back off), the movement towards the center is related to the impact zone on the side wall. The more the ball is in the corner and the less it will be necessary to separate from it.

The self:

By making this move, you can make changes based on your own feelings.

Indeed, if, at the moment of the strike, the ball is too close to you, it is because you have not separated enough from it. It will take an extra lateral step.

If you have the sensation of taking the ball behind you, it is then that you have separated well but not back enough. This is a very common case.


By using this displacement, we are moving away from our defense position. It will therefore be necessary to think quickly to replace oneself so as not to leave a large empty space.

The rotation

And if we turned ?? Although very elegant and characteristic of this sport, the rotation is not very used. In some cases, it's worth it ....


In defense you receive a long ball, high enough, slow .... It's time to turn.

Rotate is not turning?

At the beginning, these two movements are confused… .. Pivoting on oneself is not the solution because our position in relation to the field remains the same and does not allow us to adjust ourselves in relation to the ball. We have to turn, that is to say, describe a circle on the ground.

The first step

To start this movement well, the first step is the most important. It must be slightly backwards and not just backwards! This will force us to describe the beginning of the circle and thus temporarily move us away from the ball to keep the proper distance thereafter. Do not be afraid to describe a big circle because at the end of the gesture, we will be able to have the ball in front of you, rule nº 1.


The rotation, although quite difficult to perform, has the advantage of not losing our defense position because indeed the starting point and arrival during the rotation are identical. No breach is then created ...


Once the rotational movement has been executed, if the ball is above the shoulder, we will take the opportunity to attack from the back of the court with a shot already described in the video concerning "the bajada off”.

Last detail : If you practice to perform the rotation, no more than 3 consecutive hits because the head turns! on the other hand, you can alternate with the rotation carried out in the other direction… ..

We'll talk about it in a next video.

All your snowshoes ... .. Vamooooooos

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