Stradivarius, subsidiary ofInditex, a very large textile group headed by the richest man in Spain Amancio Ortega, is embarking on the padel through his spring/summer collection.

A collection padel at Stradivarius

You may not all know the company Inditex, but 90% of you probably have several pieces from one of its brands in your wardrobe.

Inditex is quite simply the biggest seller of ready-to-wear in the world, with firms like Zara, Bershka and Stradivarius. It is with the latter that Inditex has chosen to embark for the first time on the padel.

Stradivarius has therefore released for this spring-summer a collection of clothing and accessories from padel, consisting of skirts, tights, tops, t-shirts, caps or shoes.

Le padel at the grown-ups

Stadivarius, as a subsidiary, alone represents a turnover of 1,2 billion euros, and 900 points of sale in 62 countries around the world. This collection will probably only be available in the firm's biggest boutiques, but it still proves that we are at a pivotal moment in the global development of the padel.

For the moment, it is a way of testing itself for Inditex, and of giving a little color to the sports section that the international giant launched a few years ago in the majority of its subsidiaries. If the padel at Stadivarius is a success, Zara will most likely launch a similar collection. The proof that this sport weighs more and more at the world level…

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