Padel International

Padel International is growing 

Padel International, the famous builder of padel continues its development. Padel International now offers more services, as well as new possibilities for land development.

Build a plot of padel on a sports area: Possible!

You have a location, but do not know what to do with it. Why not opt ​​for a portable ground?

Padel International has designed a portable land which is therefore not final in its original location.

Several types of land

Padel International also offers panoramic and full panoramic fields based on modernity and aesthetics.


At Padel International, there is something for everyone since the manufacturer sets up smaller pitches to allow players to padel under different conditions.

The singles allow you to enjoy the sport without having to be among the 4 players. 2 players are enough on the Single!

And now the youngest can get started with the Baby Court.

Padel international is one of the market leaders with major centers of padel realized:

  • Padel Central (Lyon)
  • The farmhouse Padel (Perpignan)
  • Padel Riviera (Cane)
  • Padel Horizon (Paris)
  • Big IV (Valencian)

Using Project Led 

Padel International bases its success on the requirement of selected materials such as leds from the company Led Project (official partner of the WPT and therefore chosen by the best players in the world), partnerships with kips sport (iles de france) and Padel consortium (Toulouse region) also allow Padel international to be closer to you as a customer.

To see all our achievements go to our official website:

Because for a cost equivalent to a field renovation and therefore much less than the construction of a tennis court lambda, you can go on the offensive and offer your members, licensees or administrators a new sport:

The pleasure for the players and the profitability for you !


Padel International was created in Spain, the nest of Padel in Europe.

We wish promote the Padel in Europe and help sports clubs and other organizations (campsites, hotels, holiday clubs) to build Padel following the rules of the International Federation of Padel.


Padel International will take care of the whole of your project if you wish it. Whether you want indoor or outdoor (indoor or outdoor), one or more courts, fixed (s) or removable (s) for an exhibition: we have negotiated the best prices with our suppliers to serve you as well as possible according to your project, which we will provide you turnkey in your facilities.

A short is usually built in four days and we can provide it to you in approximately two weeks depending on where you are.

Our raw materials are Spanish, our assemblers too, coming from the country of padel.

Our strengths are above all a personalized treatment in the language of our interlocutor as well as our flexibility having agents located in most major cities in Europe, we can perform a quick visit and propose a concrete project to the client.

Finally, what brings us together above all is the passion for this great sport that is padel.

This is why, 3 years ago, we created a sports section and a "EQUIPMENT SALE SECTION PADEL », To help our clients to the success of their project.


1.a section for the manufacture, sale, and installation of padel, of quality (we do not do “the cheap”, because we believe that “the cheap is always too expensive”… (cfr: our technical file)

2.a sports promotion section, with exhibition and passionate players like us all, of padel.

3. A hardware sales section in collaboration with our partners.

In short, what to do with your project, a success ...

The ball is in your court ... it's up to you !!!


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