ECO PADEL Garden spruce wood

LA SCIERIE SILLAT, woodworking specialist for 100 years and IRWOODFUNPADEL Present you

ECO PADEL Garden spruce wood

The same way to practice your favorite sport, but in a different environment.

  • Registered model for padel indoor.
  • The pleasure of the eyes with a noble and alive material.
  •  Or natural color.
  •  Either lasure to your taste, and leaving the appearance of the wood out.
  • Ce padel, will invite you to daydream, to vacation, with its innovative and very different pole shapes, padeltraditional s

Made with a wood from the label PEFC this gives you the guarantee that this product comes from responsible sources and that it participates in the sustainable management of forests.

Currently a craze for all wooden sports structures, is emerging and is acclaimed.