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Francisco MARTINEZ, founding manager of the company SPORT CIVITAS, designs, produces and installs sports and leisure equipment for almost 20 years internationally (8 years under the Sport Civitas brand).

His engineering course in industrial structures specific to sport, gave him the opportunity to highlight his skills and products in numerous international events such as the Mediterranean Games or the European Football Championship in Portugal. .


For 8 years our department PADEL, among the other areas of expertise of the company, designs and develops very beautiful products that can be personalized at will (we manufacture in our own workshops) and is always looking for technical and aesthetic innovation: the famous court that you could admire at Rolland Garros is an example of this constant search. Sport Civitas also holds an international patent for an automated court coverage system Padel (visible in France at the Manosque Complex).

We manufacture and install around a hundred shorts per year for the whole world, in 2015 we worked in Spain, France, Thailand and Panama.

The quality of our products and our customer service have led us to be selected as the exclusive supplier of the sports facilities of the hotel chain. Meliá International and the ProFutbol franchise of Franck RIBERY.


For 2016, we now offer a range of seven different courts to best meet the possibilities of your club and the demand of your customers.

Each of these models can be installed in color of your choice for both the structure and the lawn and in the same logic, each model can be supplied in thermo-lacquered, galvanized or aluminum structure.

All are also eligible to be installed on our podium for exhibitions or ephemeral events outside your club.

- the MINI PADEL : a 10 * 6m court, ideal for individual or children's courts which offers very good additional rental profitability with the two-on-two tennis-ball activity.

- the PADEL soil : a short of 10 * 6m,

- the PADEL ALPHA : a short standard at a low price thanks to an optimization of production costs.

- the PADEL CLASSIC : as its name suggests, it is the most famous court with the most widespread structure on the market.

- the PADEL PANORAMIC : the padel without a short ground structure, thus offering a gene-free vision for the spectators.

- the PADEL SEMI-PANORAMIC : a baseline without structure and the other with because why use a panoramic baseline when your Padel is leaning against a wall?

- the PADEL FULL PANORAMIC : the most aesthetic all and the most pleasant for the spectators. No structure obstructing the view of the public on all the glazed surfaces.

We also offer four types of covers to “Snow and wind” standards for your courts. PADEL : a stationary, two automated models and a global one which reaches down to the ground. Each cover model will be offered to you with various options.


Always with the aim of offering an optimized and personalized service to our customers, this year we are creating a subsidiary in France. With the creation of this one, we have linked partnerships in France allowing us to offer you complete support from the genesis of your sports club project to its inauguration through the study, funding, build, construct, install your equipment and supply the consumables necessary for the exercise of the sports you have chosen.

[box type = ”info”] The technical characteristics, of which you can easily imagine that they have been thought out with care, will be presented to you, with great pleasure, during any request for information that you may wish to obtain.

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