VW Sports is an SME located in Ile de France for more than 90 years and specialized in equipment for tennis courts.

We have been designing and manufacturing a very complete range for over 30 years: posts, nets, referee chairs, benches, displays, maintenance tools, access control (punch card locks, smart card locks, with or without connection to a computer)…

For 5 years we have also been constructing PADEL !

We offer 2 models of structures for pitches PADEL :

  1. Classic structure in glass + metal
  2. High-end glass + wood structure (larch or treated spruce)

We also offer 3 types of land cover:

  • simple roofing (rounded roof above the padel)
  • semi integral coverage (return to 4m level)
  • full coverage (back to the ground)

PADEL METAL STRUCTURE - The structure has 22 pillars that ensure high impact resistance. Epoxy finish paint, oven dried. RAL color chosen by the customer. The mesh panels are welded mesh with anti false rebound metal frames. The 5 mm diameter of the mesh makes it particularly resistant to impact and vandalism.

WOODEN POSTS (TREATED LARCH OR SPICEA - The posts are made in the Vosges in glued laminated wood treated Class 2, anti termites, anti insects and stained. The treated larch is perfectly resistant to bad weather, cold and offers great mechanical resistance. wood is a natural product that fits elegantly into a natural environment.

LIGHTING - We can offer you traditional halogen lamps or LED lighting. Conventional halogen lamp lighting (400W per lamp) offers the advantage of an attractive cost to purchase. The LED lighting solution has two advantages: 1. It is environmentally friendly due to low power consumption. The use of LEDs allows savings of up to 40% compared to conventional systems. 2. It has a long lifespan: Conventional projectors have a lifespan between 1500 and 2000 hours while LEDs last on average 40.000 hours. It requires reduced maintenance (very infrequent lamp changes and good resistance to shocks and vibrations. We can control your lighting with individual card systems.

GROUND SURFACE - We can equip the ground surface with artificial turf, acrylic resin alone or on a 4 mm REGUPOL carpet, ……….

“ACCESS AND RESERVATION CONTROL: We have a full range of access control access (punch card, chip card, code system with code delivered by internet or on Smartphone,…) [/ toggle]

GAME TRAINING PADEL - We can organize a training of 2 or 3 days to train or improve your team of instructors and introduce them to the intricacies of the game of padel. [/ toggle]


Auvers on Oise (95) 1 outdoor court / Laval (53) 3 courts covered
Amiens (80) 1 indoor courts (wooden structure) / Marseille (13) 2 outdoor courts (wooden)
Saint Cyprien (66) 3 outdoor courts /
The Plessis Bouchard (95) 1 outdoor court
Brazzaville (Congo) 2 outdoor courts / Arcy Woods (78) 6 courts covered
Montmagny (95) 1 Short Outdoor / Soissons (02) 1 Short Covered
Vendome (41) 2 Outdoor Short / Wissous (91) 2 Short Covered

CONTACT VW SPORTS - 5 rue Franklin - 93315 - LE PRE-SAINT-GERVAIS cedex
+33 (0) 1 48 45 04 29 / tennis@vwsports.fr