The French Interclub Nationale 1 Championships 2024 promise to be the toughest national competition in the history of padel French.

Indeed, even the best P2000 will never have seen so much talent gathered in one place. In addition to most of the best French players (Leygue, Moreau, Blanqué, Scatena, Maigret, Inzerillo, Collombon, Ginier, Pothier, etc.) there is a good range of professional players.

We will find Aranzazu Osoro (12 FIP) and Andrea Ustero (39 FIP) among the ladies, as well as Teo Zapata (42 FIP), Pablo Lijo (47 FIP), Antonio Luque (61 FIP), Arnau Ayats (65 FIP), Miguel Semmler (66 FIP), Ruben Rivera (73 FIP), Mario Ortega (76 FIP), Aitor Garcia (87 FIP), Mario Huete (88 FIP), Adria Mercadal (92 FIP), Luis Hernandez Quesada (100 FIP), Belar Vera (126 FIP) or Andres Britos (17 A1 Padel) at men's !

You have understood, this competition promises to be very interesting, and we should be entitled to some very good meetings on the side of Padel Horizon. For those who will not be able to travel to Sucy-en-Brie this weekend, go to Padel MagTV to follow the matches live!

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