Gonzalo Diaz and Matias Nicoletti, respectively the 25 and 26e world players, come back on their association and their way of playing together.

This recent pair is starting to make a name for itself as it regularly reaches the 8e or the quarter-finals.

A big difference with the best global pairs

Gonzalo Diaz and Matias Nicoletti are very clear: "we are not yet at the level of the world's top pairs"

The more we play together, the stronger we will be.

This rather young pair, hopes to play more important roles in the coming months, even according to them, they are still far from the best pairs in the world.

But they get along very well and hope to change their game quickly.

No need for pre-game tactics.

The players know each other very well. Matias Nicoletti therefore tells us that there is not necessarily any particular pre-match tactics because "we know how to play"

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Franck Binisti

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