Top start of the quarter-finals of the Italy Major, with beautiful posters – and some surprises – on the program for this Friday, June 21.

Matches start at 9 a.m., on the central track in Rome, with the entry into the running of the 2nd seed of this tournament, Triay / Fernandez. Gemma and Claudia, in search of a new title on the Premier Padel, will face the surprise pair, tombstone of Riera / Araujo, Marina Guinart / Araceli Martinez.

The meeting that follows will feature the other surprise in the women's draw, Ksenia Sharifova / Lucia Martinez, who dominated Marta Ortega / Vero Virseda. The Spanish-Russian duo will meet today the veterans of the competition: Lucia Sainz et Patty Llaguno.

The rest of the program for this day will be from 18pm, live on Canal+. A first women's match with the world numbers 1, Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria against Carla Mesa / Sara Ruiz, another surprise pair, who defeated Ustero / Alonso.

Behind, two men's matches with a classic of the season: Arturo Coello / Agustín Tapia – Mike Yanguas / Javi Garrido. To end this day, Chingalan against Edu Alonso and Alex Arroyo, who are playing their last tournament together.

Retransmission of the central track from 18 p.m., on the Canal+ group antennas.

On track 1, the beautiful posters are also legion including a 100% Andalusian shock to start the day: Lebron / Navarro vs Gonzalez / Ruiz,

Delfi Brea, who plays on the left with Alba Gallardo will try to create a surprise against Jensen / Castello, finally Leal and Campagnolo will want to surprise again, this time against the super kids !

The full program

Gwenaelle Souyri

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