Le Premier Padel Italy Major is a tournament full of surprises for the ladies. We talked about the sensations Martinez / Guinart and Sharifova / Martinez, who respectively brought down Araujo/Riera and Ortega/Virseda, now let's focus on the Mesa / Ruiz duo, who created not one, but two surprises!

After winning their first round without problem against Castañeyra / Herrada (6/2 6/0), Carla and Sara achieved the first surprise of this Italy Major by dominating the pair created for the tournament: Salazar / Goeanaga (TS7). A 7/6 6/3 victory which gave both women confidence.

A confidence that they were able to use today against the number 9 pair of this second Major of the season: Ustero / Alonso.

Mesa and Ruiz did it again with another surprise victory (6/4 1/6 6/3) and at the same time qualified for their first quarter-final together!

Tomorrow, it is nothing more and nothing less than against the number 1s that the Spanish will try to continue their superb run!

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