The Scatena/Icardo pair defeated the Rocafort/Gaspar duo in 3 sets, with a score of 2-6 6-4 6-4. The Franco-Spanish pair qualifies for the final table of this Italy Major Premier Padel.


Jéremy Scatena and Sergio Icardo achieved an extraordinary performance by winning against the Rocafort/Gaspar duo. The first set didn't bode well, however. Dominating and offering few solutions to their adversaries, Rocafort & Gaspar directly knew how to take the measure of the meeting. But behind, Scatena and Icardo absolutely did not give up and they were able to turn their backs in important moments. Jérémy carried away by his passion knew how to pack the meeting while keeping his calm. The duo was launched and offered a prestigious victory over the Central to enter the final table.

Final score: Victory Scatena / Icardo 2-6 6-4 6-4

Max Moreau and Pablo Acevedo eliminated at the gates of the table

Like Leygue and Bergeron earlier, Max Moreau and Pablo Acevedo were eliminated by a very nice Spanish pair (Tur Checa / Vera Lopez) in 2 sets. Final score 7-6 6-3 after 1h11 of play.

Ben Tison and Teo Zapata enter the competition

The French number 1 and his partner enter the competition this afternoon in this Italy Major Premier Padel. Ben and Teo will face Jose Luis Gonzalez and Lara Benitez on court number 4. A match you can follow just below:

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