In Rome, the first center of padel completely respecting the environment! Two Italians, Lorenzo Graziani and Paolo Paolelli are at the origin of this first club of padel indoor 100% ecological.

PurePadel during padel ecological land

They were keen to propose a sustainable project, which respects the environment to allow the general public to practice padel without negatively impacting the planet.

The project was born in Fabrica de Roma, in the province of Viterbo, 50 km from Rome. It was born in 2019, and despite the pandemic, Graziani and Paolelli, convinced of their idea, launched their sports complex. An eco-sufficient center, where plastic is banned!

As soon as the project has started, they are already thinking about the future. From March, two additional courts will appear, and they will be accompanied by a photovoltaic installation. They have installed charging stations for Tesla's, paper receipts no longer exist (sent by email), and sponsors must comply with greener communication.


source: Corriere Dello Sport

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