Varlion strikes again on the player market with the arrival of Ivan Ramirez, 20 years old and already one of the hopes of the padel World.

After Victor Ruiz last week, Varlion adds this week a very nice addition to his team in the person ofIvan Ramirez, 26th player in the ranking of World Padel Tour ! The young man joins his friend and former teammate, Miguel Yanguas, which embodies the face of the brand among men.

Ramirez, who has decided to switch to the right this season, should form a most explosive team with Alex Arroyo. The founder and CEO of Varlion, Felix Regalia, is obviously very happy to now be able to count on the young player from Madrid:

“I have never seen a player who hits the ball so hard. He is a very talented player and we believe in his development and in his project with his coach and his new partner. Top Ten goal in 2022!”

If we are to believe the video just below, it is with the new Bourne Summum Prism Radius that this young explosive player will play on the slopes this season.

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