In this new video, the mental trainer Jean-Michel Pequery explains why it is important for amateur players to prepare mentally. Selected extracts.

“The players who are going to make the P25, the P100… find themselves in exactly the same emotional state as professional players. (…) Most of the time, these players will participate in a competition which will not change their lives. Most of the time they have a job. (…) And yet, the player of P25, of P100, will find himself as stressed as a professional player. He will perhaps even find himself in more delicate situations! For what ? Because a pro, even if he is stressed, will be able to have a fairly high average level. The amateur player, as he has less technique, less volume of play, less training, perhaps also less physical condition, he may (in the worst cases) be unable to return the first ball... This does not does not mean that it is his level of training, but it is his level, under stress, in a match.”

Do you also encounter this problem when you participate in your “Sunday tournaments”? So, head to the video below!

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