Today most athletes and competitors, regardless of their level and the tournament categories in which they play, all have emotions on the field. Many of them have physical, technical and dietary knowledge. On the other hand, very few know how to prepare for competition. And yet, the major reason why they will play well or play poorly during the match does not depend on their technique but on their emotions on the field, such as confidence, concentration and stress management.

Mental preparation specialist for more than 10 years (Tennis, Padel, Golf and other sports), I support professional and amateur players and I therefore had the idea of ​​offering a preparation method which is accessible to all players, regardless of their level. This method takes tools (NLP, visualization, etc.) which have proven themselves in the world of coaching.

I invite you to join me during the webinar organized on Monday June 3 at 21 p.m. to present the following coaching theme to you “How to prepare for the competition? » in order to discuss with you and answer your questions about mental preparation.

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