Jean-Thomas Peyrou, director of P2 Bordeaux, looks back on the organization of the tournament, its genesis, the absence of the male Top 8 and female number 1s, and announces the big moments of the week.

Activities outside the tournament  

Activities outside the tournament, we will have them on the site, we will have them on the social networks of Betclic Bordeaux, Premier Padel...

There will be activities every day, it will start tomorrow with the partners' village and Decathlon, Head who will put on activities. There is a pitch on the Arena square, a magnificent pitch that they are finishing today. It will be a red track, 100% Betclic, and we will be able to do product tests and events there. There will be a teachers' conference, there will also be a meeting with the instructors of the Nouvelle Aquitaine Tennis League, and also product tests for all the people who come to watch the show at the Arkéa Arena. 

“French day” Wednesday!

Tomorrow, there is the start of the final draw, the top seeds will enter the fray. I fought to have our French Day on Wednesday: Alix, Bastien, Dylan, Jessica and Carla will play on the central Wednesday afternoon.

In terms of rotation, I don't want to talk nonsense, I think we're going to have Bela and Tello who will play in the third rotation in the center, then Dylan and Bastien, then Thomas and Aris, then Alix and Julieta . And we're going to have a seventh match with Carla and Jess it seems to me. So that's “French day”, it's Wednesday, and there are still places left. There are many schools of padel who are going to come, I think we are at more than 1800 places: I can't wait to see this Arena filled. 

burgundy track premier padel

Other highlights

Then, there will be the tournament evening, our VIP area stood out a little, we did a big thing, it starts on Wednesday. There will be the tournament evening and the evening Head from Wednesday: evenings every evening including the evening of champions, an auction, Olympic medalists who will be present, gourmet dinners, tastings of great wines... Friday, the broadcasts on Canal begin and then Saturday, we are completely full. We have put tickets back on sale but the Arena will be full on Saturday, the day of the semi-finals. 

There will be two semi-finals at noon, entertainment on center field. You will see, there are two or three somewhat heated moments, shows, dance performances. The people from Studio Attitude, who won Incredible Talent, will perform, there will be a little “All Star surprise”. At 18:00 p.m. there will be the other two halves and on Sunday it starts at 14:00 p.m. with the women's final, then the men's final and the trophy presentation.

Here too, a big surprise for the trophy presentation, we have innovated: the theme of the trophy will be on the legend of King Arthur.  

The genesis of the tournament

The genesis of the tournament started from the meeting with Jean-Luc Baldelli, who accompanies me on many things, on many projects, and we work on many things together. He invited me to M’s concert in this venue, the Arkéa Arena. We met the leaders of the room and there he looked at me and said: “We're going to go around the table in the room”.

The months go by, the weeks go by and he is main partner of last year's FIP Rise in Bordeaux. I contacted QSI to get some information on organizing a Premier Padel. It remained on the table for a bit and then as the meetings progressed, we spoke with them, they were very seduced by our project, very seduced by our energy. Michaël Llodra joined the adventure and quickly, we were able to have the date.  

We threw ourselves into the adventure a little, without really knowing the ins and outs, out of passion for padel and because we simply wanted to do it! So I want to say a big year of work, but especially the last three or four weeks, which were very hard for us, in relation to everything that is happening in relation to the Premier Padel...

“No longer think about the people who don’t come”

We made the decision to try to do the best for the players, to try to organize the tournament in the best possible way, and to leave that aside. And I remain convinced that even in the absence of the best, the public who will be present will attend great matches, and quickly, we will try to no longer think about the people who are not coming. 

When I learned of their absences, I'm not going to be tongue-tied, I was devastated. Of course everyone in the world padel was convinced that these players were going to come. So we undergo a little bit the first year of this organization of Premier Padel, we suffered from the poor organization of previous tournaments. A fortnight ago, the players were on the verge of going on strike anyway.

All of this was very dense, not to mention the fact of transforming an Arena which is in fact an empty shell, that is to say that there is nothing, there is no electric current, there there is not a socket. We had to bring everything, move everything in, create everything in four days!”

Dorian Massy

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