Jérémy Ritz is back, his tops, his flops

It's been a long time since we last saw Jérémy Ritz on the slopes during a P2000. The last time was two years ago, Padel Skyline of Paris. Since then, we haven't seen much of the former French team player on the French slopes. But for some time now, the name of Jérémy Ritz has appeared on some P500 or P1000.

A return to competition, without real ambition in this P2000 4Padel Strasbourg, the former French number 6 delivered at the microphone of Padel Magazine. Between anecdotes and heart-to-heart discussions, Thomas Mitjana's partner has things to tell.

The false leap to Thomas Mitjana, not resentful

I have Thomas Mitjana who asked me to take part in the tournament. We've been saying we'd do one for a long time. So I jumped at the opportunity and I'm very happy to be there. Especially since with Thomas, we were already supposed to play in Paris (P1000 Lesigny), a month ago and that couldn't happen. So, here we are, here we are.

Well, I hope he doesn't hold a grudge and doesn't get back at me. Because I come from far away. So I hope he will come and be in good shape.

His history with the French team

I made two selections [in Team France]. I was selected as the eighth player in Paraguay and it was made clear to me at the time that I had little chance of playing. So, I made the choice not to go.

I really like playing padel, after watching the others play, a little less so the experience did not tempt me.

Its ambitions, its future

A senior+ selection: it’s funny because, since I arrived, I’ve already been told about it 2-3 times. No honestly, I'm having fun, I'm playing with my friends. Thomas is a guy I really like so I'm really happy to play with him.

Frankly, I wasn't interested in that at all. I'm not saying no because it's great stuff and they're always crazy experiences. These are moments that we don't forget. After that, it's the first time that I come back to a big tournament. I hadn't done P1500, P2000. This will allow me to reposition myself a little.

The current level of padel French

There are still a few guys above the rest, who have become pros today, who play better. But otherwise, it seems to have become quite dense. I see a little of the new guys. I think of those who are in Spain: Dylan, Julien, Man, Phil. All these guys who seem to be playing really well. But I never played against them.

I don't think the current level is revolutionary compared to 2-3 years ago. On the other hand, it plays better and better. I know Timéo a little bit [Fonteny], there are plenty of young people arriving and who will play better and better. It takes time, but it will happen gradually.

Top/Flop of padel French

Top: The good example is here, in Strasbourg. I came four years ago, there were 3-4 fields. Now there are 12. Before, there was football, now there is none. We see more and more land. Frankly, the development of padel, it still goes quite quickly.

Flop : We find lots of comments about the ranking, it's something that interests people a lot. What I find, personally, is that the pyramid of points is too smooth. Whether you finish 4th or 7th, you earn almost the same number of points. I think we should reward those who go far in tournaments more.

Overall, we're seeing some crazy things today. THE World Padel Tour, Roland Garros. Honestly, there's a lot of new stuff. When I started seven years ago, there was almost nothing.

A new club in the future?

Le padel, it's something that has always fascinated me. There, I had to move away from it, I did other things. So, having a new club again is not something I think about intensely. But here it is, if there is an opportunity. I won't stop myself from doing something again in the coming years.

On the other hand, what I absolutely no longer want to do is work in the evenings, on weekends, like crazy people. What we were able to do for years, when we were young. So, I will only do it again if I find a work environment that allows me to maintain my lifestyle today.

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