We interviewed Jérôme Inzerillo, who is obviously delighted with his first selection in the French team. He will be present at the European Championships in Marbella, from June 28 to July 4.

The coach of the Club des Pyramides - Player's Academy looks back on this new adventure.

“More than a joker”

Padel Magazine : First of all, are you surprised by your selection compared to the fact that in the end you have less experience than others in this sport, as evidenced by your ranking?

Jérôme Inzerillo: I am not surprised how quickly I gave myself the chance to be selected.
I don't like to talk about ranking because for me there is no relation between my ranking and my level of play. The only difference is the number of tournaments and the number of points that I have but otherwise my level is part of the best… The proof I was not selected according to these criteria. I think I am where I should be, no more and no less ...

Padel Magazine : In your opinion, was the selection course decisive in Alexis Salles' decision-making?

Jérôme Inzerillo: I think the internship was a continuation of what I have been doing for a year and a half in terms of involvement and my progress. I proved to the manager that he can trust me and that I can be more than a joker with my past experience in top tennis.

Gourre Scatena Maigret Inzerillo France team internship 2021

Padel Magazine : Alexis Salles has associated several players. Preferences?

Jérôme Inzerillo: I felt good with everyone, they all have different styles of play but I was able to adapt to each of them… Little preference for Johan (Bergeron), because I really like how he manages the match and its peace of mind.

Padel Magazine : We imagine that you are disappointed that Max Moreau, your partner, is not part of the adventure?

Jérôme Inzerillo: I would have loved Max to be selected and be able to play in this team, but the conditions were not right for him to join the group. I hope he will be there for the world championships.

“Give everything whatever happens”

Padel Magazine : Are you fighting to be one of the must-haves in the top 6? 

Jérôme Inzerillo: I think that the sixth place will be played between Thomas Leygue, JT Peyrou and myself. And I even tell myself that the 3rd pair is not fixed. We can have surprises. There are 4 players for 2 places!

My analysis is that the best will enter the field and will have to give everything whatever happens, victory or defeat, but in any case we will be ready to play no matter what.

Padel Magazine : In tennis, you were in the young French team. Today you do it at padel, and among seniors ...

Jérôme Inzerillo: Yes it is a dream that I realize in 2 different sports, I have already been selected for tennis in all categories of young people with titles of European champion and Junior world champion, but still great things to accomplish in senior and at padel. It is one more pride to wear the blue jersey and to represent your country!

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