Jérôme Rothen: “I will do the tournaments of padel"

Jerome Rothen is now a big fan of padel. On the ephemeral short of Roland Garros, the former footballer of Paris Saint-Germain, showed his qualities and answered the questions of Padel Magazine.

A day at Roland

"Results of Roland Garros : a victory, a defeat. I was well helped by my teammate in the first game (Adrien Maigret). I played the second game with Arnaud Di Pasquale, but I found it a bit slow on some downs (laughs). We will say that the defeat is a bit for him! ”

“It's a treat to play against the center court. The weather is perfect. There are great players of padel. To discover this sport is fantastic. ”

“In the Paris region, there are not courts everywhere”

"The padel in France is in a good development. We always hope that things will go a little faster, especially in the creation of fields. Here in Ile-de-France, it is true that there are not necessarily everywhere, and it is necessary to make a little road. We therefore hope to be able to develop this sport more quickly, because it is a very nice exchange with 4 players, with a communion. ”

“I find that compared to tennis where there are caps to go, when you play against good players, there is no picture. Here, it levels the values. I find it a very enjoyable sport. ”

After the football career, the padel !

“I hope I will be in the tournaments soon. I have been playing tennis tournaments for 4 years. I took it to heart. We are always looking for adrenaline and competition. Even at the amateur level we get to feel a lot. ”

"The tournaments padel when it grows even more, I will do them without a doubt. I hope to win some very quickly. ”

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez