We were in the company of Johan Bergeron, then joined by his partner Thomas Leygue, during the pre-previas of the WPT Human Padel Open in Toulouse. We took the opportunity to comment on one of the tournament matches, and talk about the schedule of the two players.

Padel Magazine : Do you know well these players who play in front of us?

John Bergeron: Yes, especially Aitor Garcia and Pedro Vera who are used to the last lap pre-previas or even previas. It is still a safe bet for pre-previas.

I did a tournament with Manuel Prado Prego two years ago, he is a very whimsical player. It was quite hard to play with him. The first match was good because we had played a rather easy pair so we had won. But the second match where it was rather tight it's true that all his whimsical little moves and then really very nonchalant, when it passes you're happy but if it doesn't pass on an important point it tends to annoy...

Photo WPT Toulouse public bleacher

PM: Yesterday they played a crazy match against Thomas Vanbauce and his partner Rikkard Raad.

JB: I looked yes. It's a shame for the two match points. When I saw Thomas spiked, I was sure it was over on the second match point. I was sure she was going to come out.

PM: We also saw the opponents of Bastien Blanqué and Fran Jurado play, seeded 1 of the pre-previas. It was very hard for Bastien.

JB: What's hard is that in the end you can make a good lob even behind the line, if the guy has time to get under it he will try it. So afterwards he is the one who is alone with his ball.

The match against Bela/Coello

PM: When are you going to play against Bela and Coello?

JB: This will happen on Wednesday in the third rotation of the morning. I believe the first is at 9:30, then at 11. I think we will play between 12 and 13 p.m. The match will be broadcast on the World application Padel TV.

(Arrival of Johan Bergeron's partner, Thomas Leygue)

PM: What do you think you have of playing a team like that? How do we approach this game?

JB: Frankly, I'm happy. It's always the same thing: either we want to play the strongest to live a magical moment and give it our all, or we prefer to play pairs number 21/22 hoping to be able to do something. But I think the worst thing is to play a pair 18 and lose.

TL: For me we play the strongest possible pair of 1er round. Playing Bela is crazy, but then it's true that I prefer to play the 21/22/23/24 teams. Because I know that playing at home, in conditions that we know with the public, something can happen.

I would never go defeating a match, but we know that playing Bela and Coello will be ten times harder and that they won't be in doubt.

A busy summer

PM: What is your schedule afterwards? Are you going to play FIP Gold in Perpignan?

JB: Of course, but we still have to register. We should do that today, because I think registrations are done until Sunday (Editor's note: until Wednesday).

The program is therefore Toulouse, Valladolid, FIP Gold Perpignan. And then we will have Roland Garros, it happens quickly.

PM: Do you have the Wild Card for Roland-Garros?

JB: We do not know yet…

Thomas Leygue: We have to make the request!

PM: Does this require a Wild Card?

JB: Yes, you have to make a request by email giving the French ranking, some results of this year and then after we let the organization do it!

Blanche Cretinon

Initially attracted by tennis, I want to take an interest in padel to discover the different hidden sides of this sport. This is why I decided to join the team of Padel Magazine. See you soon on the grounds!