As he has announced on his Instagram account, Jordi Muñoz, 45, has decided to retire. It is a great of this sport that bows out.

Who would have thought that a former tennis player starting out padel at 29 could one day be one of the 15 best players in the world? The challenge was not easy but Jordi Muñoz managed to take it up brilliantly. Two titles of world champion, three of European champion, 4 Masters Final disputed, the player from the Canary Islands will have achieved a career that many would have dreamed of.

For sixteen years, he will have surveyed the tracks of professional tournaments, with the success that we know him. Less prominent in recent years, we will have seen him in particular alongside Bastien Blanqué. Today a coach, he gives his advice to many players who want to take advantage of all his experience.

The whole team of Padel Magazine wish a happy retirement to this legend of the padel.

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